Monday, May 20, 2013

[HK-Movie] Fighting for Love (2001)

Fighting for Love is a 2001 Hong Kong movie about office-lady Deborah, who's a loud, chain-smoking, hard ass. On her way to the hospital to visit her more normal sister, she sideswipes a man's car, taking his rear-view mirror with her! Despite the fact that his ailing mother is in the back seat and he was on his way to the hospital, Tung Choi gives chase! When he finally catches up to Deborah, he attempts to intimidate her into paying for damages by kicking her car door. But that only results in her calling the cops and a bleeding toe. And this is the beginning of a loving relationship. Really.

I don't watch too many Asian movies produced in Hong Kong, having only watched Drink Drank Drunk. I'm not even sure why I watched this one. It's pretty obscure and there's not much info about it online, but I randomly saw it on YouTube. To begin with, I was put off by the low quality of the movie in terms of the filming and washed out look, acting, cinematography etc. It's obvious that there is a far smaller budget than that of Korean movies. However, I still found the storyline and romance in Fighting for Love cute and enjoyable to watch.

Though the plot was a little underdeveloped, the pacing a tad slow, and the ending a little anti-climatic, I found the lead couple endearing and lovable. And if you've been following my blogs, you know that it's often the characters that make or break a film for me. If I love the character(s), even if the film is horrible, I can usually tolerate it.

Fighting for Love is a drama you can watch if you've nothing better to watch, but it certainly doesn't stand out as something you need to watch immediately. So, give it a try if you think it may be your cup of tea, or you currently have nothing better on your to-watch list. It's a nice, lighthearted, even sometimes funny, film.

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