Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[T-Movie] Bad Girls (2012)

Taiwanese Movie - 1 hour, 35 minutes
Released: April 2012
Romantic Comedy
Starring: Ella Chen and Mike He

This was such a wacky movie, but I enjoyed it! You have this trio, called the Bad Girls Trio who go around kicking the butts of boys and men who bully girls. The female lead, Ah Dan (played by Ella Chen) is the leader of this trio and the main butt kicker. An up-and-coming star, Justin arrives at their school to film a movie. After the female lead is put out of commission, Justin decides that Ah Dan should play the female role in the movie about two sports students falling in love as they run together everyday. -___- Thank god that the plot of Bad Girls was a lot better than the that of the movie within the movie. Drama-ception

Anyway, Ah Dan and Justin gradually fall in love, though to the viewers, it's very sudden. This is the downside of asian movies versus dramas. Dramas allow you to watch the romance unfold at a much slower rate making it more moving and poignant. In movies, however, things seem to happen too quickly. 

Despite all of that, this was a pretty good movie. The plot was a little strange and the female lead was unique. I laughed at the many shenanigans and cried when things got a little angsty. The ending was really freaking adorable and completely satisfying. I love it when they give you a glimpse of what happens after they finally get together. 

While this won't join my fave list, it's a new member of the "glad I watched it and it wasn't a waste of my time" list. 

Also, hellllo, did I mention Mike He? He is a GOD. I love him so much and I'll watch any Taiwanese movie or drama with my hubby in it. I also enjoyed Ella Chen quite a bit in Down with Love, so I'm not surprised that I enjoyed this drama.

Go give it a try yourself over at viki. Also, check out the following starring Mike He while you're at it: Bullfighting, Devil Beside You, Love Contract, Love Keeps Going, and Why Why Love. Love Contract, Love Keeps Going, and Why Why Love are my faves.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

[T-MOVIE] Lovesick (2011)

Also known as Love Phobia
Starring Ariel Lin and Wilson Chen
Taiwanese Movie - 2011
Romantic Comedy


In Lovesick, you have Ariel Lin playing Ariel Lin (which a little odd, but let's go with it), a young woman who was burned by her high school sweetheart. Joining a group of divorced aunties, Ariel Lin learns the three rules that will govern her future love life: 1) To barricade herself from men forever, 2) Be your own hero, and 3) There is no true love. Everything is going swimmingly until she meets the good and handsome doctor, Dr. Lu Zhe Han. Doubtful at first about how perfect he seems, she strives to reveal his true inner wickedness. Any man that handsome has to be a sleazebag, right? But wait there's more! Color Ariel Lin surprised when she realizes that not only is Zhe Han one of the rare (but not actually so rare) nice guys, but she's also falling for him!

Hilarity, silliness, and wackiness ensues! The lead couple was a refreshing mix of clumsy-cuteness. The storyline was a bit silly, but part of what I like about Taiwanese cinema is the wacky exaggerations. It's a bit outlandish and not what most Americans are used, but I like it and find it amusing. The characters were all fun (sometimes even ridiculous). In addition to the lead couple, I especially liked the Divorced Aunties Trio and the random taxi-driver. 

Lovesick had a lot of great and amusing scenes. Also, what I really enjoyed was that it gave a traditional scene, like the-chasing-to-the-airport-to-express-your-feelings scene a  wacky twist. The scene began traditionally, but then I was surprised when it didn't end the way I expected and even more surprised when a fist and TV cameras became involved!

There were also some great lines. Two of my favorites are: "This taxi is like a jet engine" and "At what point is she better than me? My heart. She has my heart." Ahhh, *melts* I loved it! 

Overall, this is a cute one to watch and is pretty enjoyable. It starts a little slow and you're not sure what to expect, but you soon find yourself giggling and shaking your damn head at some of the shenanigans. But, don't take my word for it. Go watch it for yourself: VIKI.