Monday, May 20, 2013

[KMovie] Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

There's been a recurring theme of car crashes leading to romance in the movies I've watched lately. Min Joon has really bad taste in men. They're not particular jerks or anything, but they always dump her, placing the blame on her--she's too nice, too clingy etc etc. In short, she's a bit pathetic. Anyway. After being stood up by her boyfriend (after skipping out of work with a fake medical excuse *rolls eyes*), she crashes into the car of none other than Robin Heiden, who she discovers is her new boss. Uh-oh! To make matters even worse, Min Joon is assigned as Robin's assistant. They get close really quickly and Robin eventually begins giving Min Joon love advice. And of course they fall in love in the process.

The plot line was really cute, however the execution needed some work. Certain aspects of the story were drawn out too long, or weren't portrayed when you thought they should have been, or not given as much attention as you'd expected. The best part of this movie is how Robin spoke entirely in English while everyone else, including Min Joon, spoke in Korean. Daniel Henney (the actor who plays Robin) was raised in America and doesn't speak much Korean, so the director worked around it in a really cute way. The premise is that Robin can understand Korean pretty well, but finds it different to speak and so refuses to do so. I expected to find that aspect of the movie annoying or frustrating, but instead I thought it was SO adorable and his voice was to die for--so sexy!

Other than the pacing of the story, Robin and Min Joon's relationship developed nicely and I enjoyed watching. There was a bit of humor thrown in with some really cute, awww, scenes. Overall, Seducing Mr. Perfect is worth watching. Find it on Youtube!

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