Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Japanese Drama] Love Generation (1997)

I actually first became interested in dramas through Japanese dramas (Manga>Anime>Japanese dramas>Korean dramas). Though I like Korean dramas a lot better, Japanese dramas are still pretty good. They have their own personality and feel.

Love Generation is a straightforward romance between Teppei and Rico. It's only 11 episodes long, but it squeezes in a office romance, first love from the past, love rectangle, fights, confessions, and what have you. There was a lot less over the top drama that is characteristic of Korean dramas (no memory loss, playboy hiers, dying love interests etc), which is what I like about Japanese dramas. They're also a little more risque surprisingly in terms of portraying "skinship".  While I enjoyed watching Teppei and Rico's relationship grow, I soon became tired of the back and forth, fighting and making up between them. Sure Teppei wasn't helping matters, but Rico's constant insecurities and immediate assumptions began grating on my nerves. (Can't anyone simply ask questions before flying off the handle?) Also, the ending was a bit unsatisfactory, wrapped up too quickly and halfheartedly. I felt cheated. Love Generation is a short, cute drama, but not one of the best. (Oh, and the stupid glass apple motif? What was that about? Don't understand what it was supposed to stand for and it's summer vacation. I don't feel like using more than 3 brain cells to figure it out.)

Give it a try here if you'd like!

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