Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[T-Movie] Bad Girls (2012)

Taiwanese Movie - 1 hour, 35 minutes
Released: April 2012
Romantic Comedy
Starring: Ella Chen and Mike He

This was such a wacky movie, but I enjoyed it! You have this trio, called the Bad Girls Trio who go around kicking the butts of boys and men who bully girls. The female lead, Ah Dan (played by Ella Chen) is the leader of this trio and the main butt kicker. An up-and-coming star, Justin arrives at their school to film a movie. After the female lead is put out of commission, Justin decides that Ah Dan should play the female role in the movie about two sports students falling in love as they run together everyday. -___- Thank god that the plot of Bad Girls was a lot better than the that of the movie within the movie. Drama-ception

Anyway, Ah Dan and Justin gradually fall in love, though to the viewers, it's very sudden. This is the downside of asian movies versus dramas. Dramas allow you to watch the romance unfold at a much slower rate making it more moving and poignant. In movies, however, things seem to happen too quickly. 

Despite all of that, this was a pretty good movie. The plot was a little strange and the female lead was unique. I laughed at the many shenanigans and cried when things got a little angsty. The ending was really freaking adorable and completely satisfying. I love it when they give you a glimpse of what happens after they finally get together. 

While this won't join my fave list, it's a new member of the "glad I watched it and it wasn't a waste of my time" list. 

Also, hellllo, did I mention Mike He? He is a GOD. I love him so much and I'll watch any Taiwanese movie or drama with my hubby in it. I also enjoyed Ella Chen quite a bit in Down with Love, so I'm not surprised that I enjoyed this drama.

Go give it a try yourself over at viki. Also, check out the following starring Mike He while you're at it: Bullfighting, Devil Beside You, Love Contract, Love Keeps Going, and Why Why Love. Love Contract, Love Keeps Going, and Why Why Love are my faves.

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