Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Nature's Capture by Me

I peek with the view finder,
Excited of what could be seen.
In my little square of sight,
I see all I intend to see.

Freshly grown grass, greener and brighter
Than any I’ve ever perceived.
Tree trunks thick and brown,
with life within its leaves.

Little red birds gliding beneath,
a vivid blue sky, the clash of color startling.
A rabbit peeps from its borrow,
Wary of hidden prey.

With my lens I zoom in 20X,
And behold the life closer to the ground.
Millions of ants, in search of food
For their all-mighty queen.

My camera clicks and clicks,
As I capture nature’s beauty for myself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Total Strees-Out Mode

Hey world,

I haven't been able to update my blog lately because I've been soo busy and stressed with school, home, and college plans. I'm trying to maintain a 90+ GPA with a full schedule including two AP classes. I'm also on the girl's varsity lacrosse team, which is tiring, but very fun! I'm also stressed trying to decide where I'm going to spend the next four years. Sigh...so I haven't had the time to read any books or manga, watch anime, or drama..anything! I'm currently "watching" a bunch of anime and dramas. Here's the list. Look forward to reviews if I ever get to finishing them.^_^

* I've started watching since FOREVER ago...hehe ^_^

Saiyuki Reload
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Great Teacher Onizuka*
Tales of Abyss
Hajime no Ippo
Marmalade Boy*
Skip Beat
Hunter X Hunter

* Really enjoying, so may finish faster than others ^_^

Boys over Flowers (korean)
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Mean Girl Ah Chu
Here is Greenwood
Hotari no Hikari*
So I'm not Handsome*

Til next time folks,
don't try to miss me too much. ^_^