Friday, July 31, 2015

[K-Drama Review] Exo Next Door (2015)

I'm a member of a few Drama groups on Facebook. In need of a drama to watch, I received a few recommendations after posting the following:
Hiya everyone, it's been a while since I've last popped in, hope everyone is doing well.
In a bit of a slump, feeling restless, bored, and a little sad, but not really? Lol Dunno.
Anyway, currently watching Fated to Love You, but I read ahead on dramabean and now cannot proceed with episode 11 because I know it's devastating. (Haha dunno why I did that.)
Can anyone recommend a SUPER light hearted drama with no more than 7% angst. Haha Korean, Japanese, and/or Taiwanese all welcome.
Thanks for listening and your help in advice!
 I decided to go with EXO NEXT DOOR because of the super short episodes. I liked the idea that I could finish it in a few hours. (Also recommended: Itakura na Kiss variations, Let's Eat, Marriage Without Dating, Stand Up!, King of High School, and You're Beautiful.)



A 23-year-old girl named Ji Yeon has never been in a relationship because she is super shy and blushes intensely when faced with a boy she likes. Imagine the turn her love life takes when the members of K-pop boy band, EXO, move in next door to keep a low profile.




This mini-series most likely drew EXO fans, but since I'm not particularly a fan of EXO, they didn't immediately appeal to me as actors. Even as purely eye-candy they're not to my taste, but I continued watching anyway.

The lead character is Ji Yeon, who freeloads ungratefully off her mom and blushes intensely when faced with an attractive boy she likes. I didn't find her endearing or cute, simply annoying. Her actions in the beginning were aggravating and impolite. She's such a SNOOP! I also found her blushing weird and unattractive, maybe even a little creepy. Yet, she started to grow on me in the last few episodes.

Though, there were a few moments where I chuckled a bit,  I wouldn't consider this show funny.
I did thoroughly enjoy Sehun and his bromance with Ji Yeon's oddball younger bro. It's actually my favorite aspect of the show. The scene during and after "The Big Secret Reveal" was also quite endearing. There was an attempt to get melo-angsty with Suho's character in one, longer-than-usual episode towards the end has some effect.

Also, SPOILER-ISH RANT: Don't get all dolled up for a date when you haven't even received a confirmation text! "No news is actually just no news." But it was pretty sweet how he came running over immediately when he was told that she was waiting.

The ending was cute, I guess. But not very satisfying, at least not on the romantic front. It was actually a bit cheesy. And I usually enjoy cheesy.

In sum, it was enjoyable in a way, but not particularly memorable. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone or re-watch it. However, if you're all caught up on dramas, happen to be an EXO fan, or want to imagine what life would be like if your fave kpop band moved in next door, then give EXO NEXT DOOR a try. It'll be only 3.5 hours of your life.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Korean Drama Review] God's Quiz Season 1

I stumbled across God's Quiz after binge watching some American psychological crime shows, such as Criminal Minds, Blacklist, and Hannibal. It had suddenly occurred to me that I could quite possibly combine my two obsession and find myself a Korean psychological crime drama.

God's Quiz more than met my expectations and fed my interests. Each episode was intriguing and compelling to watch. I was thoroughly fascinated with each crime and the process of Dr. Han Jin Woo and his team in solving each one. Though God's Quiz was more a medical/crime show than psychological crime, there were more than enough psychology to keep my interest. The hint of romance between Dr. Han and Detective Kang was also a nice touch as well for someone who almost solely watches Romantic Comedy dramas.

Dr. Han's character is extremely genuine and likeable. His seemingly frivolous attitude quickly gave way to a more deep character that viewers were compelled to love.  (The actor's good looks also didn't hurt at all). Detective Kang was a pretty, strong, intelligent character who's seriousness and passion for justice offset Jin Woo's playful facade. Lastly, the rest of the medical examining team was a great mix of authentic, humorous, and endearing supporting characters.

Overall, I would definitely recommend God's Quiz and I am looking forward to watching seasons 2, 3, and 4.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Currently Watching: We Got Married Global Edition, Season 1

I stumbled across this reality TV show two days ago. I started watching before I realized that this isn't the original series and that the original had four seasons. I'm nearly finished binge-watching it. So far, I think the concept is cute and entertaining. However, it's become a bit of a painful, fast-forwarding game as the Taecyeon/Gui Gui couple is wearing on my nerves.