Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Loved ANIME of 2013

There wasn't too much anime watching this year as I was so busy with school and general life, but I did get to watch a few good ones.

In the running were:

  • Brave 10
  • My Little Monster
  • You and Me 2
  • Kids on the Slope
  • Kuroko's Basketball
  • Say "I Love You"
(To read my review of each of the above series, please visit my Anime Review Database page.)

The winner and my Most Loved Anime of 2013 is . . . 

Kuroko's Basketball (Season 1)!

You can read my complete review of Kuroko's Basketball here. In the meantime, enjoy this pic spam in celebration!

Most Loved MOVIE of 2013

While I may not have watched as many anime or drama series, I did manage to squeeze in quite a number of movies.

In the running were:

  • Love 911 (Korean)
  • Marrying the Mafia (Korean)
  • Kimi ni Todoke (Japanese)
  • Seducing Mr. Perfect (Korean)
  • Fighting for Love (Hong Kong)
  • Bad Girl (Taiwanese)
  • Love Sick (Taiwanese)
  • Petty Romance (Korean)
  • Drink, Drank, Drunk (Hong Kong)
  • Mr. Wacky (Korean)
  • 200 Pound Beauty (Korean)
  • Spellbound (Chilling Romance) (Korean)

As there are 12 choices, I decided to have THREE winners for Most Loved Movie in 2013.

In 3rd Place: Kimi ni Todoke

In 2nd Place: Spellbound (Chilling Romance)

In 1st Place: Love 911

Most Loved DRAMA of 2013

This wasn't a big year for drama for me. I was too busy with school and life and in the end, I'd only watched and reviewed five series!

I was almost tempted to add some of my currently watching series to the list for consideration but decided not to.

In the running was:

  • A Gentleman's Dignity (Korean)
  • Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo (Japanese)
  • Love Generation (Japanese)
  • Rooftop Prince (Korean)
  • I Do, I Do (Korean)

(To read my reviews of the above series, please visit my Drama/Movie Review Database page and search for the title underneath the Country of Origin.)

I was horribly torn between A Gentleman's Dignity and Rooftop Prince, but in the end, the winner for Most Loved Drama of 2013 is . . .


You can read my full review of Rooftop Prince here. In celebration, please enjoy the following pic spam!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Currently Watching] Master's Sun

Probably already mentioned this, but I finally graduated from college this semester. As I have nothing to do until I continue with grad school in the Fall, I find myself with plenty of time in the following months to catch up on Korean dramas. Whoo hoo!


However, my "Planning to Watch" list is too extensive and my indecisive personality made it physically painful for me to decide on a drama to marathon first. In my time of need, I turned to the lovely Oppas and Noonas at Operation: Kdrama Chat and posted a poll for which drama to watch first.
The winner was Master's Sun (with Reply 1997 as second)!


Just finished the first episode and I am giddy with excitement and anticipation. I love the storyline so far, as well as So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin's characters. I cannot wait to watch them fall in love. Too early, obviously, to really say much, but I have already laughed out loud a few times (as to be expected from the Hong Sisters).

On to episode deux!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Newly Added Korean Dramas to "Planning to Watch" List #2

Guys! Guuuuys! You will not believe it, heck it's difficult for even me to believe it, but I am finally graduating, people! I will be a college graduate, a holder of a bachelor's degree in English and Adolescent Education! And they told me watching too much korean dramas would get in the way of my education. I simply scoffed and proved them wrong! 

As such, I will have plenty of time to catch up on my dramas as I prepare to go to Graduate school in the Fall. Below are some recent additions to my Planning to Watch List:

Beautiful Man

Reasons to Watch: 

1) My honey-baby, Jang Geum Seuk. (I could just stop right here, actually.)
2) Playing a beautiful man who uses his beauty to gain/maintain power. (Is Sukkie-baby even playing a role or just being himself?)
3) Who falls for an ordinary girl (which means that there is hope for me, right? I won't be forever alone?)


Good Doctor

Reasons to Watch:

1) Endearing synopsis: a brilliant surgeon with the mannerisms of a sweet 10-year-old falls for a fellow surgeon? I bet they'll be so many feels involved.
2) Fellow K-drama fans seem to love it so I'm sure I will too.


Reasons to Watch:

1) Heeellllo! Lee Min Ho! AND Park Shin Hye! AND Kim Woo Bin! Seriously! This cast is ah-MAY-zing!
2) Rich, powerful young men and women and love triangles galore!
3) Did I mention the cast?

Master's Sun

Reasons to Watch:

1)  A horror, romantic comedy. Yes! Win!
2)  Gong Hyo Jin from my beloved The Greatest Love and Pasta!
3) Seems similar to Chilling Romance, which I loved! Review here.

Heartless City

Reasons to Watch: 

1) Heard it's good. That's all. Don't really know much about this drama nor do I recognize the actors, but I'm willing to give it a try!

That's all for now! Am I missing any gems? It's your duty to tell me! Please and Thank you!