Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not a Pretty Sight: Korean Drama Withdrawal

As you've already noticed, I've gotten back onto the Asian drama bandwagon. I hadn't watched a SINGLE drama episode since Winter Break back in January. Blasphemy!

Senior year of college is really no joke. I found a worthy adversary against my Kdrama addiction; the only thing strong enough was taking 18 credits, working 14 hours a week on campus, leading a student organization, being an active member in two other organizations, while still going out with my co-workers every payday. There simply wasn't enough time to squeeze in an episode or two.

After a few weeks, when I noticed that I hadn't watched anything in so long I was devastated (DramaFever and Viki posts on my Facebook news-feed were certainty no help).  I also began to notice myself exhibiting some peculiar behaviors.

1) I would post the most angst-ridden comments in response to any and all drama-related posts on Facebook or blogs. I would go on and on about how I missed my Lee Min Ho-baby (especially not having watched his new drama, Faith yet and how much school isn't worth it anyone. And cry, wail, sob etc.

2) I added researching new dramas to my Procrastination Regime. I would simply minimize the paper I happened to be working on and google "New Korean dramas 2013," "New Korean romantic comedies February 2013," or "best new Korean dramas." Then I would read endless reviews and episode summaries and video comments to soothe the pain.

3) I changed my desktop background to various Kdrama actors and actresses.

4) I would start organizing my "Dramas to Watch" folder in my bookmarks in order to decide which series to watch first once I find time, school ends, or I quit school (whichever happens first).

5) I began having elaborate dreams about various series I was looking forward to seeing, essentially playing how I believed the series would go based on the synopsis.

As you can see, things were getting pretty bad and I was miserable! I just wanted to find time to watch ONE, just one episode of Rooftop Prince, or Flower Boy Next Door, or Prosecutor Princess or King of Dramas, or Faith or Answer Me 1997, or Bridal Mask, or Full House 2, or The King 2 Hearts. Was that too much for a gal to ask for?

But now? Now it is time. School has finally ended and I will BINGE like I have never binged before. I will watch 8, no 12 episodes a day. I will not take the time to shower, dress, or cook. It will be just ME in my favorite strawberry printed pajamas, Life Savers Gummi Collisions, and my laptop until September. That is the life.

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