Friday, February 22, 2013

[HKmovie] Drink Drank Drunk (2005)

Chinese/Hong Kong
Romantic Comedy
100 minutes/ 2005


Siu Man (Miriam Yeung) is a sassy, cheerful bargirl who never gets drunk. One night she meets Mike (Daniel Wu), a restaurant owner who is dead drunk as he is depressed over his restaurant’s imminent closing. Siu Man takes pity on him and eventually finds herself charmed by Mike’s good nature and how easily he gets drunk. She decides to help Mike out with his restaurant as a friend… 


This is my first ever Chinese movie and I didn't know for sure until I began writing this post. At first, I'd thought it was a Taiwanese movie, but the language didn't quite sound like the Chinese spoken in Taiwan (which is Mandarin, as I discovered after some Google searching). Anyway. The movie itself is very simple, simpler than I'm used to with the high budget Korean dramas I mostly watch. However, its simplicity is what draws you in; two ordinary characters falling in love. And that's it. One of them isn't a modern day Robin Hood. One of them isn't a long lost princess. There's no real love triangle (or rectangle or pentagon) etc etc. So, if you're looking for a simple, and maybe a little humorous, love story, Drink, Drank, Drunk is the one for you. Plus, how can you not be drawn in by the title?!

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