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[Korean Drama] Rooftop Prince (2012)

WOW! I just finished watching Rooftop Prince and all I can say is just, WOW!

Rooftop Prince begins 300 years ago in the Joseon era of South Korea and the Crown Princess has been found dead. The Crown Prince along with his four most trusted officials vow to find the truth of her death. However, they find themselves being chased over a cliff and "falling" into the 21st century and onto the rooftop house of Bak Ha!

From there, it's a 20-episode phenomenal ride full of incredible romance, plot twists, and drama.

The Story:

Rooftop Prince has one of the most unique story-lines that I have ever seen. In all of the 50+ dramas that I've watched, none have impressed me as much as Rooftop Prince. Sure there may be other impressive dramas, as I haven't watched all that many considering, but Rooftop Prince is brillantly executed. There were several plot lines occurring at the same time and feeding into one other--the crime mystery, both past and present and the romance.

Rooftop Prince's intriguing plot also had the most brilliant twists that were almost too much to handle, as well as splendid pacing and tension and a whole lot of drama--heart-wrenching, breath-stealing drama. I mean, I just want to give the writers a big ole kiss, they were just so brilliant! Just when you think you may have gotten things figured out, the writers are like "Nuh-uh, we have more for you, there are TWENTY episodes, remember?" Then you're all like, "Oh yeah. Crap. Now what?" I never watched a drama that made my jaw drop, put my hand over my mouth and gasp "Holy Shit" as many times as this one! Especially in a Rom-Com! They're not usually so suspenseful, but this one was simply awe-inspiring.

The Characters:

I've watched quite a bit of dramas and many of the most acclaimed ones (at least in Romantic Comedy) and I do not think I can say that I have seen more superb acting anywhere other than in Rooftop Prince. Each character was absolutely believable and authentic in their portrayal of their role.

Bak Ha was an inspiring female lead. She was so beautiful and possessed an inner strength to be admired. Even more importantly is that she had a strong sense of self-respect and integrity. Her emotions were so real and pulled viewers right in. Also, her honesty regarding her feelings was really refreshing as it's a rarity in other dramas.

Your Highness/YiGak/Tae Yong was so handsome (duh. Just look at that face). His character as a Prince from the past was believable and adorable. He was also an amazing actor in emotional scenes drawing viewers in.

While Bak Ha and Tae Yong played the role of Mom and Dad, the three officers Chi San, Man Bo, Yong Sool played the role of the three kids and they were perfect secondary characters as comic and cuteness relief in the most stressful or emotional scenes. They made the drama as enjoyable as it was. Without them, I probably wouldn't have kept going.

Se Na and Tae Mu played the perfect villains. I've never been so impressed or awed by the sheer evilness of the bad characters before. The actor who played Se Na, especially impressed me. She was believable in her role from beginning to end. And they just wouldn't quit! They were involved in many of the plot twists. It was insane and entralling!

The Romance:

... was absolutely freaking perfect! Bak Ha and Tae Yong's love was so strong and real that it spanned 300 years (how can you beat that?!). They could play with and tease one another, bicker like an elderly couple, and trusted one another deeply. I loved watching their interactions on screen, especially the various scenes of loving tenderness. Perfect.

The Soundtrack (OST):

Almost has perfect as Bak Ha and Tae Yong. Each song fit its scene perfectly, or added an air of suspense or irony. The writers (or whoever is in charge of the sort of thing) made very good choices! I'm in love with Ali's song "Hurt" in particular. (See both Korean and English versions below.)

The Ending:

Watching the last episode was so stressful! I was so afraid of how it would end. Viewers weren't given as many clues as we may have liked. Until the very end the writers kept surprising us, but they didn't disappoint us and the ending was nearly perfect. Though all of the loose ends were not completely tied, it was satisfying.

Looney Verdict:

Rooftop Prince is a definite must watch. It may very be the best drama of 2012. It has the most amazing acting I've ever seen in a long time, possibly ever. It has an intriguing and attention grabbing plot with excellent pacing that keeps you hooked for all twenty episodes. The perfect mix of serious emotion and comic relief, great music, and a satisfying ending. Everything a drama addict can ask to have mixed in her drug. In short, it deserves the honor of being placed amongst my "Favorite's List" and so it shall!

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