Monday, November 30, 2009

College Life Update

Hello Everyone,

It's me, again. Sigh.... I'm TOTALLY stressing out!!! College is such a pain!!!

Why the heck is finals week, only 2-3 weeks after Turkey Day?! The higher-ups MUST know that they is NO WAY, one can study with a turkey leg in one hand and a spoonful of mashed potatoes in the other!!!! HAHA!!!

Seriously!! So, I crapped this WHOLE weekend, doing absolutely NOTHING, but EAT, SLEEP & BATHROOM!!!! lol Then I go back to school Monday morning and I'm finishing a paper on the train ride there! IS THAT ANYWAY FOR AN HONOR STUDENT TO BEHAVE??!! HAHAHA

But I'll get over it. I always manage to get everything done in a satisfactory manner. I'VE YET TO BE COMPLETELY SCREWED BY MY PROCRASTINATING WAYS...SO I won't be changing my work habits!!! HAHAHA

Alright, I'm reallly tired...You try staying up until 4 AM everyday for 4 days, you'll be in a coma also!

Til Next time, FOLKS!!!

1 comment:

Zara said...

LOL, I can soo relate!! But us Honor students manage to get everything done; one way or another LOL Good luck on your finals!!