Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skip Beat! Season 1

OMG! I can't believe I forgot to write about this!

A few days ago I finally finished an anime I've started watching months ago. It's 25 eps longs and called Skip Beat. Anyone into anime would have most definitely heard about it. If there had to be one anime chosen to be the "Shojo Anime of 2009"... IT WOULD HAVE TO BE SKIP BEAT!!!! No other possible way!

Skip Beat follows the joys and woes of Kyoko Mogami. She use to be a very innocent girl who was extremely loyal to her childhood friend and love Sho Fuwa and she was happy living her life just doing his chores and cooking for him if it would help him achieve his dreams of becoming a star. She believed that she was as important to him as he was to her. WRONG!!!!! One day she overhears him telling another girl that she is only a maid to him, nothing special. That day, a new Kyoko is born. The one who is confident, tough as nails and going to become an actress and get revenge on Sho by becoming an even bigger star than him. Along the way, she makes her first best friend and finds a possible love interest. How will our heroine end up? Watch the anime and wait for the second season..or read the manga! *grin*

My Review: This anime is perfect if you want loads of laughs. Kyoko is such an interesting character. I've never seen anyone else like her. She sweet, and very hardworking, but also secretly has quite a temper. She never expresses her anger outwardly. She keeps it all in her mind where she hosts a gang of evil spirits whose aura can sometimes be felt by the object of her rage. hahaha This series is filled with endless hilarity and the plot is quite interesting. You see Kyoko has she auditions for parts and improves as an actor. Give it a try! I guarantee that you'll bust a bust while laughing!

Looney Express awards Skip Beat! a 4/5! YAY!

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