Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nodame Cantabile (J-drama) Review

Hey folks,
Today I'm reviewing a japanese drama called Nodame Cantabile. I haven't watched a J-drama in  awhile, but this was just the one to get me back on track.

This drama is a wacky, weird series full of hilarity. It's about Shinichi Chiaki who is a piano student in a Music Academy in Japan, but his dream is to go to Europe and become a conductor. However, with a fear of planes and boats, his dreams seem impossible (I mean he can't walk to Europe, right? lol) But he meets eccentric and one-of-a-kind Noda Megumi (aka Nodame) who is also a piano student, but she spends most of her time stealing her best friends' lunch boxes. Anyway, Nodame falls in love with him and helps him conquer his fears.

This drama is absolutely hilarious. Yes, alot of it exaggerasted. Like when he smacks her, she flies 10 feet, but I still found it funny as hell. It is a really heartwarming series that increases your appreciation for classical music and hard work. And Chiaki and Nodame are such a strange couple!!! This is unlike any drama you've ever seen!

Give it a try! Looney Express Awards Nodame Cantabile a 4.5/5! YAY!

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