Wednesday, November 4, 2009

College Fun!!

Hello World, a great flipping day! Anyone know, of Jeff Dunham's puppets...? well, whatever! Here's a few links to some of Jeff Dunham's stuff, watch it and prepare to laugh your bum off.  He is sooo freaking funny! Seriously, you're gonna bust a gut laughing!
Dunham and Peanut Pt. 1
Dunham and Peanut Pt. 2 (Jose Jalapeno comes in at end)
Dunham, Peanut and Jose
Dunham and Achmed Pt. 1
Dunham and Achmed Pt. 2
OH MY GAWD!!! I'm DYING FROM LAUGHTER!!!! I HAD TO REWATCH AS I POSTED LINKS!!!! Please do look up more of Jeff Dunham's Vids such as: Walther, Sweet Daddy D, Melvin.

I am sooo unbelievably, absolutely happy right now. My its first follower! I love you, Zara. HUGS AND KISSES FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE!!!!
Okay, now that that's done...back to business. Totally going to share some verrry interesting photos and the equally interesting stories behind them. As you all know I'm a freshman at Pace University and I'm having massive naughty fun...Take a look!

Hahaha! For those of you who haven't met him on facebook, this is Peter...Peter the Pumpkin. HAHAHAH!!!! Yes, people this is my naughty fun. Last Wednesday, the nature club had a paint-a-pumpkin event. And those of you who know me, I love kiddie things! So there was no way I wasn't painting a pumpkin. seems I got just a little bit carried away! But it was a blast nonetheless!


Hehehe....Peter-the-Pumpkin makes another grand entrance with a sexy friend. Everyone, meet Lady Duck. My friend, Kim who was humoring me (She was all..You wanna paint a pumpkin, don't you? Sigh... lol) made this one. Isn't it nearly as lovely as Peter? Great fun, guys!


...It's my super-duper-amazing-tuma-cookie!!!! lolz...There was also cookie decorating offered by our school's food service. Thanks Lackman! Oh man..this cookie could easily be the best cookie I have ever eaten! It was simply amazingly, decadent! But it made me a bit ill later that night since it was so sickeningly sweet (AH! AWESOME ALLITERATION! ... I DID IT AGAIN! I'm simply amazing!), but it was totally worth the excrutiating nausea.

Well, no more for now folks. I'll do more exciting fun college stuff and keep updating!!!
Til Morrow..Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Looney OUT!

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Zara said...

I love you too Fatuma =D I'm actually glad that I stumbled upon your blog; in fact, you were my inspiration to start my very own blog =D

I look forward to reading some interesting posts in your blog *hugs*