Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Down With Love (2010) - Taiwanese Drama

Down with Love

2010 - Taiwanese

16 episodes


Shiang Yu Ping, a divorce and inheritance lawyer, is seen by others as cold, selfish, and ruthless. He had taken in his brother's orphans and was in need of a nanny. But after he exhausted his supply of nannies, he still couldn't find one who doesn't fall in love with him or gets scared off by the kids. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. She recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo, for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she does not like men at all.


What I loved most about this drama was the lead couple! Yang Guo and Yu Ping were the one of the cutest couples I've seen. I loved watching the two of them together. I also loved the side characters, especially Yang Guo's family , her sister and father. This drama would have gotten a "very good" rating if not for the dang ending! It was HORRIBLY done, essentially false advertising (you'll know what I mean after watching, but keep the image above in mind)! The rest of the series was so well done and then to botch it up so much at the very very end was kind of unforgivable! :/ 

**Did you love Yang Gui and Yu Ping as much as I did?! Do your gushing in the comments! I'll join you! xD

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Anonymous said...

I love this show, and I agree it had the worst ending as I had the big expectation to see a wonderful wedding... but it just jumped to their lives afterward. How can a great TV show have such a disappointing ending.