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Love Keeps Going (2011) - Taiwanese Drama

Love Keeps Going

Taiwanese Drama
2011 - 13 Episodes


A story of an egotistic guy meeting a girl who aimed to please. A casual comment from her boyfriend on wishing to open a bakery store of their own caused Mei Le to immediately abandon her lucrative job in fiance to pursuit a career in baking bread. But, her boyfriend still dumped her for someone else anyway. Her breakup directly impacted Han Yi Lie. First, her cheating boyfriend was his brother. Second, he worked better after eating her bread and couldn't function when she stopped baking it. So he decided to help her get over the unfortunate event.   


Ahh..Mike He..How I looves you! lol I haven't watched T-dramas in a while, but after watching "Drunken to Love You", I started missing Mike He something fierce as it was weird seeing Rainie and Kingone, but no Mike! So I went hunting for some newer series starring Mike He and lo and behold, I found "Love Keeps Going".

I really enjoyed this one. To begin with, the love between Mike He and Cyndi Wang is so authentic. This isn't the funny, fluffy, playful love stories you usually see in romantic comedies. Instead, it is a real love strengthened by adversity and near tragedy.

Speaking of adversities and tragedies, the plot was very well scripted and totally sucks you in. The characters are all well-developed and are "real" people on screen--some you love (like Yi Fe and Yu Cheng), some you hate (like Mother Han and the manager) and the really special ones that you at first hate, but then come to love (Xuan Xuan).

The soundtrack was okay, nothing spectacular (not like City Hunter's. God, I loved the soundtrack for that!), but it wasn't horrid.

The only small downside that I can think of is the very ending. I think things were wrapped up a little too neatly, too quickly. One more episode would have probably been perfect. Also, I hate the fact that the series ended without showing Mike's face! I won't say any more and risk giving spoilers, but it was just a bit upsetting! lol

Overall, Love Keeps Going  is a definite must watch. Worth 13 hours of your precious life! SO, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH IT! Look, I'm even making it easy and providing a link.

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P.S. Already watched "Love Keeps Going" or want to recommend a drama I totally need to watch? Leave a comment!

P.P.S. Expect a ton load of reviews in the near future. Two weeks left in semester. Just need to survive..and make it to summer break, then I'm home free to BINGE on dramas! I have a LOOONG "To Watch" list! ^____^

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