Friday, December 20, 2013

Newly Added Korean Dramas to "Planning to Watch" List #2

Guys! Guuuuys! You will not believe it, heck it's difficult for even me to believe it, but I am finally graduating, people! I will be a college graduate, a holder of a bachelor's degree in English and Adolescent Education! And they told me watching too much korean dramas would get in the way of my education. I simply scoffed and proved them wrong! 

As such, I will have plenty of time to catch up on my dramas as I prepare to go to Graduate school in the Fall. Below are some recent additions to my Planning to Watch List:

Beautiful Man

Reasons to Watch: 

1) My honey-baby, Jang Geum Seuk. (I could just stop right here, actually.)
2) Playing a beautiful man who uses his beauty to gain/maintain power. (Is Sukkie-baby even playing a role or just being himself?)
3) Who falls for an ordinary girl (which means that there is hope for me, right? I won't be forever alone?)


Good Doctor

Reasons to Watch:

1) Endearing synopsis: a brilliant surgeon with the mannerisms of a sweet 10-year-old falls for a fellow surgeon? I bet they'll be so many feels involved.
2) Fellow K-drama fans seem to love it so I'm sure I will too.


Reasons to Watch:

1) Heeellllo! Lee Min Ho! AND Park Shin Hye! AND Kim Woo Bin! Seriously! This cast is ah-MAY-zing!
2) Rich, powerful young men and women and love triangles galore!
3) Did I mention the cast?

Master's Sun

Reasons to Watch:

1)  A horror, romantic comedy. Yes! Win!
2)  Gong Hyo Jin from my beloved The Greatest Love and Pasta!
3) Seems similar to Chilling Romance, which I loved! Review here.

Heartless City

Reasons to Watch: 

1) Heard it's good. That's all. Don't really know much about this drama nor do I recognize the actors, but I'm willing to give it a try!

That's all for now! Am I missing any gems? It's your duty to tell me! Please and Thank you!  

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