Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Kmovie Review] Marrying the Mafia (2002)

In Korean movie, Marrying the Mafia, the typical "waking up next to a stranger after a drunken night" plot is given a twist when Park Dae Seo (played by Jung Joon Ho wakes up in bed with Jang Ji Kyung (played by Kim Jeoung Eun), the only daughter of big time Mafia boss, Triple J.

Craziness and Gangster Comedy ensues. This movie was nothing special. Ji Kyung's brothers were entertaining enough, especially as they played matchmaker. However, I wasn't too impressed with the development of the romance between Dae Seo and Ji Kyung. Their relationship was improving in a subtle way that I found cute, but then Ji Kyung got hurt, ran back home to daddy, Dae Seo chased after her, then bam, wedding! What? It didn't make sense to me and was kind of stupid. The very end wasn't too bad. I liked how we finally got the chance to see how they actually ended up in bed together. I couldn't help, but smile.

In short, I may have better spent my two hours watching something else, but I'm not upset that I gave up that time. It was cute and a bit funny. But definitely has no re-watch value for me.

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