Saturday, August 10, 2013

[Currently Watching] The Great Doctor aka Faith (2012): Eps. 1 - 2

I just finished episode 2 and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Not loving it or hating it at the moment.

I first decided to watch because my Lee Min Ho honey-baby is the lead. Second, I'd just finished Rooftop Prince and was all for another cool time-travel drama.

So far, I think the story is interesting. All of the special effects and kick-butt ninja fighting is exciting. Min Ho's character, Choi Young, is growing on me, but not immediately loveable (though Min Ho is as sexy as ever!). The lead actress playing the doctor, Eun Soo, is a hoot! For the first episode, she was kind of annoying, but she definitely grew on me in the second episode. The actor, Park Se-Yeoung, is surprisingly a lot more likeable as Queen No-Gook . After seeing her as Se-Na in Rooftop Prince, I was shocked at my immediate detest when she first showed up in episode 1. It's really funny as the roles actors play really alter your views and feelings towards that actor or actress. The King is a big 'ole poopy head and I don't like him much. A few of Choi Young's subordinates are adorable and great for some comic relief.

Oh and the soundtrack is flippin' amazing so far. I can't wait to hear more!

But the politics may be the end of me. The reason I avoid historical dramas is because of the politics inadvertently involved. I can't stand modern politics, so ancient politics are an even bigger snooze-fest. So, I'll probably end up fast-forwarding to all of the nice romantic bits. We'll see.

On to episode 3!

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