Sunday, April 8, 2012

City Hunter (2011) - Korean Drama

City Hunter
Korean Drama
20 Episodes - 2011

Synopsis: The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a "City Hunter."

My Review:

This was a reallly good one! I put off watching it cause I wasn't in the mood for an action-y drama, but man was it worth waiting for! It had everything a girl could ask for...handsome leads, really developed characters who had six different sides to them, awesome action scenes that had you holding your breathe or cringing, angsty romance that made you go through two boxes of kleenex and har-har comic relief scenes.

And did I mention the AMAAAAZING soundtrack? No, well it is. Amazing, I mean! One of best I've heard in a drama yet and I've watch alot of dramas! I mean this is one of those OST, that you just have to download. If for no other reason than for therapeutic purpose. You know that feeling you get after finishing a really great drama? One you've spent the past few months following anxiously and religiously? The feeling of being lost? Of thinking, 'shit, what will I occupy my time with now? That bittersweet feeling after spending 20 episodes falling in love with characters, just to be forced to say goodbye? Having the OST totally helps! There is almost nothing more moving than auditory memory. You will find yourself smiling involuntary for some tracks, tearing up in response to others, feeling giddy, excited...happy, at peace! ^___^

My only "meh" was for the very very end...which I felt was pretty unsatisfying. It just left you with a "wait? that's it? What happens to them now?" kinda of feeling, which sucks, cause there's no other way to know what happens next...unless there's a sequel! Overall, a DEFINITE must watch. I'll even make it easy for you and provide a link to go watch IMMEDIATELY!

Watch "Shitty Hunter" (viki insider) here!

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