Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drunken to Love You (T-Drama 2011)

Drunken to Love You
Taiwanese Drama
18 Episodes - 2011


Two strangers, both proposed marriage to their respective girl/boyfriend, were rejected on the same day. They decided that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, real drunk. During the 24 hours of their crazy drunkenness, these two stranger became fast friends and got married... to each other. When they finally sobered up, they embarked on a mission to undo every crazy thing they did while they were drunk and prayed that their girl/boyfriend wouldn't find out. However, it turns out that Jie Xiu's girlfriend, Ai Wei, doesn't want a scandal affecting her movie so she asks him to stay married to Xiao Ru for three months.

My Review:  

This one is somewhere between average and good. The series was about 6 episodes too long and filled with absolutely silly plot points, which shifts the rating closer to 'average'. BUT, Rainie and Joseph!! They had amazing chemistry and their couple scenes were so damn cute, I could die! There was also a lot of really funny scenes. Rainie and Joseph are the only thing that kept me watching til the end, though I fast forwarded through so much of it (watching all 18 eps in just about 24 hours). A Must Watch simply for the cutest couple of Taiwanese Drama History!!!! LOL

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