Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[JDrama] Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo (Running Commentary Episodes 6-10)

My Mischievous Kiss Marathon continues as does the running commentary.

May contain spoilers.

Episode 6--I agree that Naoki is sometimes a cold jerk, but I'm getting tired of others making assumptions about Naoki and Kotoko's relationship and his feelings for her. Like think about it: Would someone like Naoki marry someone he didn't WANT to marry?!

Haha---love Kotoko's nursing buddies, especially the femme-boy and the sinister-angel. 

Your words, Naoki. Use your words, not telepathy or whatever strategy you think you're using to express your feels. Hate it when they're fighting like this! Makeup already!

Are you kidding me?! That's too far. Acting cold is one thing, but completely ignoring Kotoko?! Proud of Kotoko for finally conveying her feelings. Naoki: ball is in your court now.

Episode 7--Awwww! Their makeup made everything worth it! So sweet. I don't even feel bad for what's-his-face for poaching on another man's wife! Though as Moto-chan says, he has helped strengthen their relationship. Absolutely loved Kotoko's imitation of Naoki when retelling Mama-Irie how they made up. Made me literally LOL. Even better was Naoki's embarrased "Oii!"

In her fantasies, why does Kotoko always give Naoki a personality transplant. She should know her hubby pretty well by now and that he wouldn't act that way. Haha, but that's what makes Kotoko who she is, I guess.

Kotoko's nursing class reminds me of my Education cohort. We only had 4 male education students! Haha

And yet another example of why Kotoko is so well-loved even though she's a moron. Her heart is too warm to resist. Yay for another lovely kiss and a softening Naoki.

Episode 8--   -__- Even in your fantasies, slapping a patient is never okay. I haven't commented on this yet, but what the heck is with the weird opening? The song isn't bad, just the animation-style sequence. What a wicked baa-chan! And Petty girls like the nurses irk me. Seriously.

Episode 9--Sigh. Yet another rival for Kotoko appears. You're not very funny, Rika-chan! Joking, my butt! "I'll give you something." Rika's such a little Shrew! Though, I don't understand why Kotoko still doesn't have any confidence as Naoki's wife. He did choose you. So childish, Rika. Also, you're being a jerk! Delusions, as well. Whoo-hoo kiss number, heck who's counting. Love how the adversaries simply make their relationship stronger. "When did I ever give you reason to doubt us." Um..all of the time. Are we watching the same show, Naoki? Though I guess technically, it's Kotoko constantly jumping to conclusions and letting her insecurities take charge.

Episode 10-- Slow your roll little Yuki-love-interest. You're like 10. But why is she and Kotoko so similar with their age difference? *facepalm* 

Oh, always wanted to learn more about Kotoko's mom, but uh-oh, even Papa-Aihara is nervous. What an over-the-top welcome! And how like Naoki to be a grammar-nazi. But a laughing Naoki... *swoons* Sometimes I wish Kotoko could see how sweet Naoki is the way that we do, but I guess it wouldn't have the same effect on viewers. I love how we learn that Kotoko's mom was exactly like her! Things have been going too well between our favorite lovebirds. Episode 11 will probably shake things up a bit.

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