Friday, February 22, 2013

[KMovie] 200 Pound Beauty

Korean Movie
120 minutes
Romantic Comedy


Korea’s all-time box office (#8 overall) comedy leader and winner for Best Film, Director, and Actress in Korea’s Grand Bell (their Oscar equivalent), is the story of a singer that resorts to drastic “head-to-toe” plastic surgery in order to become a huge star.


I have been meaning to watch this movie for long time. I first discovered it and mentally added it to my "To-Watch" list maybe two or three years ago! I'm not really sure why I waited so long before watching. Just kept being distracted by other dramas, I guess.

Anyway on to what I thought of it. Overall, I enjoyed. It's not worthy of becoming a new addition to "My-Absolute-Faves" list, but it wasn't too bad either. It was just a movie. The plot was original, at least to me. This is the first Korean movie or drama I've watched that portrayed plastic surgery so directly. I think the reason why I couldn't love the movie was because it was all so shallow to me in the end. And things didn't quite add up.

I mean, seriously: There was an ugly fat girl who could sing. (Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke). She loved her producer who was a jerk and was only using her. The lead singer who the fat girl was helping lipsync is manipulative and mean. So fat girl gets WHOLE body cosmetic surgery, hoping for... I'm not exactly sure what. But she goes back to the agency and auditions, becoming an instant star, pushing the "All Natural" concept. *gag* Then jerk-boy starts falling for her, that is until he figures out she's actually fat girl. She has a concert, but she can't sing cause she feels guilty that she deceiving everyone. So she admits everything to her fans on stage. (Have to admit that I was a bit teary eyed here) Jerk-boy turns out to not be such a jerk and happily ever after...maybe. You're not very sure. And that's the movie. yet, it's not quite as bad as I made it out to be, which is what makes it all so strange! I thoroughly enjoy the movie as I was watching, but when I started analyzing it afterward that's when I saw its flaws.

I still think it's worth a watch and it's an extremely popular movie from what I've seen. So go give it a try. Here:

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