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[Kdrama] I Do, I Do (2012)

I Do, I Do

Korean - 2012
Romantic Comedy
16 Episodes

Viki Synopsis:

Hwang Ji An is the top shoe designer in a major shoe company. She is in her 30s, successful and single. One night, she makes a horrible mistake and sleeps with Park Tae Gang, a good-looking new employee in her company, and she finds out she is pregnant. Ji An’s hard-earned career and her stylish lifestyle threatens to implode as a result of her one-night-stand mistake. Will Ji An be forced to give up everything and live with the consequences of her mistake?

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Tae Kang was a total cutie. While innocent and naive, his unrestrained emotions, facial expressions, and actions gave I Do, I Do an endearing lightheartedness. He thawed the hearts of both viewers and  Ji An.

I absolutely loved the lead female, played by the well-known Kim Sun-Ah from My name is Sam Soon. There aren't too many lead females who are emotionally strong even after falling in love. Ji An is who I want to be when I grow up! A stunningly attractive career woman with a strong mind and heart and a kick-ass wardrobe and shoe closet! 

The second leads were also loads of fun in this quirky drama. Often, second male leads are nice- sometimes too nice. As a result, you end up pitying them. The Doc, however, had me at "Mommi says." He was a great second lead. He was refreshing in that while nice, he also had an air of boyish mischievousness that was loads of fun to watch. In the end, you don't feel pity that he didn't get the girl. 

The second female lead was also interesting. It was fascinating, as a viewer, because my feelings towards her were constantly shifting. I hated her, then felt sorry for her, then sort of liked her, then hated her again, was annoyed by her, felt sorry for her, liked her, hated her again and finally loved her. WOW! It sounds exhausting just writing it! It was an enjoyable and quite original portrayal of the second lead. She was a mix of all of the second female lead cliches: the spoiled rich girl, the whiner, the child, the manipulative bitch, the crazy, and the nice girl. In short, she was a nice girl forced to do questionable things to get the approval of her loved ones.

Other supporting characters like Tae Kang's father, childhood best friend, and "senpai" were great comic relief. They were so funny. The interactions between Tae Kang and his father were especially heartwarming and hilarious. 


The storyline was pretty good. It was a nice concept and portrayed pretty well. A top shoe designer and a younger shoe peddler spend a drunken night together, which results in all kinds of other interesting circumstances! It was fun! The cast played their roles beautifully. The dialogue was especially pretty fun and made me smile, laugh, or cringe. Between Ji An's slicing comebacks, the doctor's witty and corny teasing remarks, and Tae Kang's adorably random outbursts, I was thoroughly entertained. Each set of dialogue really helped personify each character's personality and role.


The pacing of the series was fairly fast-paced and punchy. There were a few (very few) instances of fast-forwarding, usually during Ji-An's indecisiveness and the scenes involving the Queen Bitch (you'll see who I mean).Whenever there was a threat of an episode being too serious for too long, a punchy, comic scene will pop up to relieve viewers. Just as we needed to see less comedy and more of the drama, things got serious again. It was great and kept viewers completed engaged!


I really enjoyed the soundtrack! All tracks/musical scores were well-suited to the scenes. One song in particular that I loved was Yesung (of Super Junior's) "Her Over Flowers." Have a listen below:


The ending was pretty good, not the best I've seen, but fairly satisfying. While it was a little unexpected, it suited both the series and the characters. Though, there were a few loose ends that I would have liked to see tied up more nicely. 

Overall, I Do, I Do was a drama series I truly enjoyed. The perfect korean rom-com, it was sweet, funny, adorable, with just a hint of angst. For 16 episodes, I laughed a lot and cried a little. I squealed and clapped and gasped. It's a series that you watch and can't help but react outwardly to. I would definitely recommend this any kdrama fan.

So, go check it out:

For those who have watched I Do, I Do already, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy as much as I did, or was it not your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments!

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