Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Only Have feelings for you"- Fahrenheit and Hebe

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It's time for another review from the LOONEY EXPRESS... It's a song!
Is it possible for a song to have such an effect on a person, even if he/she doesn't understand a word of the lyrics? I'm listening to "Only Have feelings for you"- by Fahrenheit and Hebe. It's a ChinesePOP song sung by a boy band, featuring a female singer with a beautiful voice. You can actually feel the love and feelings flowing into your ears. Even though it's in a foreign language..I can't help but be MOVED somehow.

Here are the lyrics :

A look that can't be understood, a heart that is like a needle at the bottom of the sea

Only guessing, I feel that I have no appetite.FahrenheitIt's a little bit irritating yet it's mesmerizing at the same time.

Not born to be romantic, response too slow
Not discrete enough, choosing the wrong color of the flowers.
But it's contradicting, I like your stupidity.

Fahrenheit: A smile, no matter how beautiful, how sweet, if it's not your's, it's not special Hebe: Tears, no matter how bitter, how salty, with your comfort, it's a clear day again
Fahrenheit: No matter how close, how sticky you are, without a hug, it's still too far.
Together: I only have feelings for you in the whole world.
Fahrenheit: No matter how crazy, how wild we play, one stare from you, I'll control myself
Hebe: No matter how wide and far the road is, as long as you lead, it'll be safe
Fahrenheit: I'll be good and stick close to you, and be gentle and considerate, and definitely not care less
Together: I only have feelings for you

Wu Zun
Gentle yet sticky, likes to cry yet docile

Naive at times, yet wicked at times

Playing hateful towards you, I can't bear to do that

Please absorb some nutrients, let your brain balance
Want you to appear, yet your actions are so slow
How can I admit that I am yours no matter what

Chorus x2

Are these lyrics sweet, or are they SWEEEET?????!!!!!!!!!

This song gets a 4.8/5 from LOONEY EXPRESS REVIEW.

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