Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Little Prisoner by Jane Elliot

Hello Public,
It's time for another LOONEY EXPRESS REVIEW!!!!
Aren't we excited?

This time, it's a book review.
I've recently read the SADDEST book of ALL time! You don't believe me? CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF, THEN!

The book responsible for aggressively pulling at my heart strings is titled THE LITTLE PRISONER. It comes out in August, but I was able to get an advanced copy because I'm a intern at HARPERCOLLINS, who are the publishers of the book.

This book is a written memoir of the horrors a woman went through for 17 years of her life. It traces the life of a girl who was dominated, bullied and abused both sexually and physically by her stepfather from when she was four years. She was able to escape at the age of 21 for the man she loved and her two daughters.

This isn't like other abuse stories, the step father in this story may be considered crueler and sicker than most.

This book receives a 4/5 from LOONEY EXPRESS REVIEWS!

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