Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Korean Drama Review] God's Quiz Season 1

I stumbled across God's Quiz after binge watching some American psychological crime shows, such as Criminal Minds, Blacklist, and Hannibal. It had suddenly occurred to me that I could quite possibly combine my two obsession and find myself a Korean psychological crime drama.

God's Quiz more than met my expectations and fed my interests. Each episode was intriguing and compelling to watch. I was thoroughly fascinated with each crime and the process of Dr. Han Jin Woo and his team in solving each one. Though God's Quiz was more a medical/crime show than psychological crime, there were more than enough psychology to keep my interest. The hint of romance between Dr. Han and Detective Kang was also a nice touch as well for someone who almost solely watches Romantic Comedy dramas.

Dr. Han's character is extremely genuine and likeable. His seemingly frivolous attitude quickly gave way to a more deep character that viewers were compelled to love.  (The actor's good looks also didn't hurt at all). Detective Kang was a pretty, strong, intelligent character who's seriousness and passion for justice offset Jin Woo's playful facade. Lastly, the rest of the medical examining team was a great mix of authentic, humorous, and endearing supporting characters.

Overall, I would definitely recommend God's Quiz and I am looking forward to watching seasons 2, 3, and 4.

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