Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[KMovie Review] Hotaru no Hikari The Movie: It's Only a Little Light in My Life

*First Review of the 2014! Whoop, whoop!*

I watched this last night, unplanned. (Yup, it was a wild New Year's Eve for me. Well, they do say end the year as you plan to live the next one.)

I was updating my list on and learned of the movie continuation of the Japanese drama series Hotaru no Hikari. I had enjoyed both seasons a few years ago and was excited about this movie that takes place after the events of the second season.

About Hotaru no Hikari The Movie: It's Only a Little Light in My Life

As I say above, the movie continues after the 2nd season of Hotau no Hikari. Hotaru and Boss are newly married and still their lovable selves. However, now they are considering a honeymoon in Rome, Italy. Hotaru exhibits her typical Dead Fish Woman act and would prefer to lounge around the house eating snacks than to travel. However, boss (coincidentally) has a business trip in Rome and Hotaru (believing that it's his dream to reenact a movie that takes place in Rome) decides to accompany him. Their trip is then filled with misunderstandings, odd happenings, the meeting of a kindred Dead Fish Woman, the mafia, a wedding, crossdressing, and drugs. Yeah, I know.

My Feeling About the Film After Watching

Overall, the movie is nothing special. It wasn't bad, but not great either. It had a lot of what I liked about the series--Hotaru's eccentric, but strangely endearing behavior. Watching, I found Hotaru childishness kind of annoying, rather than cute. Then again, sometimes it kind of was cute, especially when her hubby involuntarily found himself playing along. The storyline wasn't too bad. Interesting, but not particularly compelling until the end when we're finally given vital backstory. At first, I disliked Rio because I didn't understand her actions, but disliking a character for 5/6 of a movie is too long and I found it hard for my opinion of her to change, despite eventually feeling sympathy for her character. The ending, however was actually pretty cute and typical of Hotaru and her Boss. In the end, I'm glad I watched it in order to have Hotaru's story completed as I had always been curious after season two about how she and Boss would live. The movie, It's Only a Little Light in My Life, gave that to me in a fairly satisfactory manner. 

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