Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Currently Watching & Loving] A Gentleman's Dignity

I started watching this drama last night and I'm surprised I was able to even take a break to write this post! I only wish I had watched this series earlier. I regret putting it off; it is SO good. What I love best is how funny it is, while being endearing and sweet. The four male leads (aka the F40, hahaha that cracks me up!) are a mess and a half. They're such interesting characters, though. Each has his distinct personality and it's utterly ridiculous. In other words, they're not much of gentlemen or have much dignity and I love it. While the plot isn't anything new, getting to see not one, but four romantic relationships and all of the drama it entails is entertaining as hell. The female leads are really interesting as well and just as enjoyable to watch. That's all for now. Back to episode 8! (Expect a review soon!)

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