Monday, December 24, 2012

[Kmovie] A Perfect Match (2002)

A Perfect Match

Korean Movie
2002 - 101 Minutes


Hyo-Jin is the quietly industrious employee at a Korean dating agency who, while being very talented at finding her clients' their perfect match, finds nothing but a void in her own romantic life. Her ditzy friends are obsessed with finding that special someone though they are too caught up in day-dreams to achieve their goal and Hyo-Jin invents a boyfriend for herself as not to encourage their prying. One of Hyo-Jin's latest and most awkward clients - seemingly distant and disorganised Hyun-Soo - leaves an impression that gets underneath the surface of her professional demeanour. As she tries to match Hyun-Soo up with his dream date she is constantly battling with her own feelings and his foibles while also having to face the scrutiny of her colleagues. 

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My Review:

First thing I noticed within 10 minutes of watching this movie was the cinematography. Despite the fact that this movie was produced in 2002, it still had a very 90's feel to it. At first, I was a little unsure, but it definitely grew on me about half way through.

The plot was a cute one and fairly original compared to previous romantic comedies that I have watched. I enjoyed the story of a matchmaker agency employee falling in love with one of her clients. It was cute.

The lead couple was adorable. Though, the lead female, Hyo-jin's, clumsiness annoyed me just a little bit. I feel as if it was overdone. There was too much effort to make her really clumsy, to the point that I was expecting them to reveal that she had some kind of physical disorder!

The supporting characters, especially Hyo-Jin's friends were great! They wwere just a bit (okay, ALOT) ridiculous (especially her male friend), but that added a lot of the "fun" to this movie.

While the movie was a cute, fun watch overall, I felt it was lacking due to its anticlimactic, well, climax. After the turning point of the movie, I was left with a "that's all" kind of feeling. It wasn't dramatic enough, tense enough, or gasp-worthy. However, the ending definitely made up for the slightly disapointing middle. The ending was adorable and nicely done. Her friends were a nice touch. 

If you're looking for a fun, cute, lighthearted Korean movie to watch, I would recommend this one. 

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