Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uraboku aka Betrayal Knows my Name

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (Betrayal Knows My Name) aka Uraboku

Sakurai Yuki is a mysterious boy with a mysterious power. Right after he was born, his mother left him near an orphanage, and he was later found. Because of that event, Yuki strives for independence. He hates being a burden to anyone near him, but at the same time, he is afraid of being left alone. Moreover, ever since he can remember he had a strange ability where when he touches others, he can feel their emotion. Unable to control it, he often made insensitive blunders in the past. He later meets with a mysterious yet beautiful man who saves his life, but somehow he feels so nostalgic, like he's met him before. While death threats and his ability increasing, a man who claimed to be his older brother suddenly appears, so what will Yuki do when he learns the truth?

My Thoughts: I put off watching this anime, because I'd thought it would be mostly about the gay, but not really relationship between Yuki and Luka, which I'm all for by the way. But I figured they're torture us fangirls for 24 episodes of hinting a gay relationship without any proof! lol But, whoa was I wrong. This anime has an interesting plot-line, fun and lovable characters and great action scenes. This is a must see if you want to see beautiful beautiful men fighting to protect their loved ones and the fate of mankind against evil. What I especially like, is how complex the characters are. They're so real, each one with his/her own past and issues, even the main villain. This is an anime about the strength and importance of real friendship.

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