Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's Start w/: A FAVES LIST!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a list of my favorites:

  1. colors: pink and black
  2. bands: HIM, linkin park, the used, high and mighty color, uverworld
  3. subjects: english
  4. books: twilight, new moon, eclipse (all by STephanie meyer), Cirque du freak series (by darren shan)
  5. anime: fushigi yuugi, gravitation, ouran high school host club,
  6. manga: MARS, boys over flowers, wallflower, absolute boyfriend
  7. Asian dramas: it started with a kiss (taiwanese), MARS (taiwanese), hana kimi (japanese)
  8. season: fall
  9. authors: darren shan, karen marie moning, walter mosley
  10. songs: beyond redemption, heartache every moment, you are the one, love and lonely, when love and death embrace, poison girl, passion killing floor, beautiful, (HIM); absolute, art of breaking (thousand foot krutch);. amazing (high and mighty color); fake star (seki tomokazu); colors of the heart (uverworld); date rape (sublime)
  11. food: chicken
  12. snack: shortbread cookies (forgot the brand..ummm...crap..)
  13. icecream flavor: vanilla
  14. candy bar: twix
  15. candy: sour gummy worms
  16. cartoon: spongebob, avatar,
  17. number: 13
  18. fantasy creatures: vampire, fiaries
  19. supernatural power: flying, mind-control
  20. fruits: pineapple, granny smith apples
  21. vegetables: AS IF!!!!!!!!!!
  22. picture book: green eggs and ham, there's hair in my dirt
  23. game system: PS2
  24. clothing store: old navy
  25. yaoi manga: haru wo diateita, okane ga nai
  26. yaoi couples: iwaki n katou, enjouji and ranmaru,
  27. eye color on a guy: gray..i've read too many romance novels about the icy coolness of guys with gray eyes..who seem coldon the outside, but are really very paasionate inside....ohhh!!!!!

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